It’s about a brotherhood.

Union ATO

Photo courtesy of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity at Union University.

Fraternities are a Force for Good.

To have the courage to stand up to administration at Yale, I would imagine, would take an insane amount of courage. I couldn’t even image what that would begin to entail, but that’s one one fraternity at Yale did. 

When their administration announced that there would be no more Fall Rush and it all left to Spring Rush to where new students had a chance to “establish their own routines and independent friendships and to explore the full range of activities on campus”,  it left one fraternity a little upset. 

The fraternity argued that being in a fraternity provided the best transition from high school into college- you are surrounded by how many other brothers that you have, not only in your pledge class, but also from the older brothers. It also provided a realization for freshmen with what they want to do and find their passion with their lives. “The Broad Yale Experience” is something that fraternities can give.

While I am not a student at Yale, I definitely have to agree. Even though I wasn’t a freshman when I went through recruitment, I was able to transition from the moment of being non-Greek to being Greek. It’s truly as if you are entering a different world, but I digress. 

Like I said, to be able to stand up to Yale Administration, just as like this Fraternity did, must have taken a lot of guts, but when you have a brotherhood backing you up, it’s hard to let anything to you down.

It’s about a brotherhood. A strong bond that you share with how many so guys. 
From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it. From the outside looking in, you can’t imagine it.



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